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Belotero Lips Contour (1×0.6ml)

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BELOTERO Lips Contour is an injectable and resorbable fillers indicated to improve the appearance of lipslip contour, superficial perioral wrinkles and moderate compression of the labial commissures. It is also indicated to correct atrophic scars of the face.

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Lip contouring and augmentation is now possible using Belotero® Lips Shape and Belotero® Lips Contour, both clinically assessed in a study of 146 patients

Ovserved over 4 months, results prove natural and even outcomes that were  maintained for 66.7% patients after 4 months, giving excellent patient satisfaction.

Common mild side effects which subsided included swelling, tenderness, bruising, pain and redness.

Belotero® Lips Shape and Belotero® Lips Contour should only be administered by a physician or qualified healthcare professional.

Belotero® Lips Contour gives optimum volume and definition for patient-specific results. Belotero® Lips Contour is designed to define the outline of the lip.

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Belotero Lips Contour 1×0.6ml dermal filler for sale Online

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Customer Reviews

Premium Beauty Fillers

Customer Reviews

Ava 07/30/20219

I had bellafill injected into mild acne scars and they did improve a little. About 8 months later I thought if I had another syringe injected maybe they would improve more, or possibly go away altogether. I was so wrong! The second time it made the scars look so much worse. I can actually see where the bellafill is if I look closely at my skin. My skin looks terrible now. I don’t know if the Dr injected it wrong the second time or what caused this.

sally 20/07/2019

This product is great for filling up lips and face. However, I am really complaining about how long it lasts and how the manufacturer continues to say it lasts 9-12 months. It doesn't last anywhere near that long. Try maybe 4 months. It continues to bother me that they can make this claim and get away with it. You will end up paying a fortune for the procedure. My nurse said Volbella lasts up to a year or more and in 4 months I was back in.

Lake Lady 10/08/2019

WOW....I have had a great experience with Bellafill. I am super happy with my results and I believe the biggest issue is finding an experienced professional to do it. Its been 4 years now and my results are still really good. I had it put in two areas, nasal labial folds and under my eyes....I highly recommend Bellafill to anyone, but find someone you know and trust, ask a LOT of questions and for gods sake....do not use discount "coupon" type provider. generally looking for one time clients to get experience on. (IMO) good luck!

Juli 02/11/2019

I think I am one of the 3 percent here that had a good experience with Artefill/Bellafill. It is only suppose to be used in the lips. I would never put it under my eyes. In 2008 I had Artefill Injected into my lips and then in 2010 Bellafill. My lips are still plump they used to be flat! It is now almost 2020, 10 years later my lips are still plump. It has gone down a tiny bit but it feels like the scar tissue around the micro beads nicely grew around them to naturally form pouty lips. I want to do it a 3rd time this time with 2 syringes so I can have the look I would like n leave them forever never have to think about fillers in my lips again. IO swear by Bellafill . DO NOT put a permanent micro beaded product under your eyes. I will be using Juvéderm under my eyes since I turned 30 I just have some mild hollowness. I get 22-23 I guess a bit of makeup and good skin care hides the fact my skins changing at 30.

Gemmastar 10/042019

I received 2 injections of Bellafill on my cheeks for acne scars. I loved how it looked from the start. The doctor originally recommended 3-4 injections. After a year, I decided to return and have another injection. Again, loved my results. Another year passed and once again went in for one more injection. It’s been 3 years since my 1st 2 injections and I couldn’t be happier! Friends & family comment on how great my skin looks now

Moe 05/21/2020

I had Bellafill in 2016. It wasn’t worth the money it cost, but did help fill out face

Amy 02/19/2020

I had Juvederm Vobella lip injections one and a half years ago. Immediately after my lips were swollen and there were around four hard tender lumps which I was assured would disappear - and they did. I am pleased with the result for six months till now

Regina 04/17/2020

We rely on premiumbeautyfillers.com as our sole stockist and do not know where we would be without them!

Kent L. Delvalle 03/08/2020

The ease of buying my filler from an online trusted UK website and having my order shipped to my door has changed my life. It couldn’t be easier to look younger!